Create template

This page describes how to create a new scheduled issue in Scheduled Templates.

How create a new template looks like?



Basic info

basic information like template name or type


target project, issue type, and fields & custom fields values

Subtasks (optional)

list of template subtasks

Stories (optional)

list of template stories for Epic template


Plan when the issue(s) in the selected project will be created

Fields and custom fields are from the Create Issue screen configuration.


  1. Click on the Apps in the top bar, choose Scheduled Templates.

  2. The Templates option is active by default. You should now see a list of templates.

  3. Click on the + Schedule Issue button.

  4. Provide template name, description (optional), and choose a template type.

  5. Select a project and issue type of newly created issue. Provide values for fields and custom fields.

  6. Create subtasks or stories if needed.

  7. Trigger type: schedule a template using one of four options. They are described on this page in detail.

  8. Click on the Save button.


A new template has been created. You can preview it on the template list (under the Public or Private tab, depending on your settings).